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Ode to August
Cantley, Quebec Canada
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    Cantley Quebec, Canada
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    Little Q + A with J + J

    Who are We?
    Jenny: I'm a mother, soon-to-be-wife, sister, daughter, and a supply teacher. My greatest passions are drawing, cuddling with Johnny in the hammock, and well more cuddles.
    Johnny: I'm a baby. And I love milk and naps. ROAR!

    Why are you selling the items you sell?
    Jenny: Johnny is the heavyweight champion of babies! My husband is always giving him goofy names (dragon baby, milk monster...) and I thought, gee how great would it be to put down all these funny names on a shirt?
    Johnny: Mama, you're embarrassing me!

    Where are we located?
    Johnny: In the woods with a bright blue roof.
    Jenny: We're very Canadian.

    How long have we been in business?
    Jenny: The idea really started in late February 2015. So we are very new!

    How are your shirts made?
    All of our shirts are inspired by Johnny and made by Jenny.
    We silk screen each one in our studio under the blue roof.

    STEP 1:
    Coming up with a design. In the first photo you can see Johnny hard at work. He loves to draw.
    STEP 2:
    After sketching it out we print the design onto a transparency sheet.
    STEP 3:
    We burn the image onto a screen using photo emulsion, some light and patience.
    We then wash the screen oh so carefully. Now we are ready to print!
    STEP 4:
    Using Speedball fabric ink we place the screen over the fabric and print away! We also place a really hot iron once the image has dried so you can wash it after your baby has drooled some banana onto it.

    What's your favorite midnight snack?
    Jenny: Cookies for sure.
    Johnny: Milk.

    Have you thrown up in a car?
    Jenny: Umm...
    Johnny: Several times.

    Favourite subject in school?
    Jenny: It's a toss up between Art and History!
    Johnny: Poopology 101.

    Finally, what does your perfect day look like?
    Jenny: Without a doubt I would say spending the whole day with my family.
    Johnny: Eating dirt without my mom catching me. And then gulping it down with some milk. RAWR!
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